Im mobilen Planetarium © SPB / Foto: F.-M. Arndt

Wonder at light speed

Educational offerings

Wonder at light speed – our educational offers bring young and old visitors closer to the cosmos and open doors to the latest STEM education. We use the diverse possibilities of the observatory and the digital planetarium projection to make other areas of science accessible in a contemporary way and at eye level, starting with astronomy. The education department of the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin is constantly developing its offerings.

Please note: Our diverse educational offerings are currently only available in German.

Young woman looking at a planetary projection © SPB / Photo: F.-M. Arndt

Educational and crafting materials

Various information and work materials as e.g. compact PDF overviews of educational offers for individual facilities and for various target groups (daycare centres, elementary and secondary schools) are made available to pedagogues, teachers and educators. Craft sheets and instructions can also be downloaded free of charge.

Materials for education and crafting purposes are supplemented and expanded on a continuous basis.

Please note: Our educational and crafting materials are currently only available in German.

Bildungsmaterialien Bastelbögen Sonnenuhr Stiftung Planetarium Berlin

Our educational and crafting materials include

  • Overviews of educational offers for individual facilities (Archenhold-Sternwarte, Planetarium am Insulaner mit Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte, Zeiss-Großplanetarium) in PDF format
  • Craft sheets
  • Astro quiz & puzzle fun

»Abgespaced« - Children's podcast

How much does the moon weigh? Where does a black hole end? How fast is a satellite? Can the sun explode and what does Saturn sound like? Child reporters discuss these and many other interesting topics in the podcast »Abgespaced – Der Weltraum von A bis Z« (»Spaced Out – Cosmos from A to Z«).

The podcast team surrounding Kristin Linde and studiodrei takes listeners on a journey through alphabetised topics, shedding light on everything from A as in Astronaut to Z as in Zeta Centauri. Inquisitive child reporters collect the most interesting facts about the universe.

A new episode comes out every other Tuesday – available wherever you get your podcasts as well as on the YouTube channel of the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin!

Please note that the podcast is only available in German.

Keyvisual Kinderpodcast


Mit unserem Bildungsnewsletter informieren wir Erzieher*innen, Lehrer*innen und Pädagog*innen über aktuelle Bildungsthemen und -Tipps der Stiftung Planetarium Berlin. Freuen Sie sich auf Veranstaltungshinweise, Informationen zu Bildungsangeboten, Bildungsmaterialien, Lehrerfortbildungen, Neuigkeiten aus der Stiftung Planetarium Berlin sowie weitere kosmische Bildungsinhalten.

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School contacts & cooperations

Cooperation with schools and partners is particularly important to us. We are happy to advise teachers, educators and opinion leaders on how to incorporate the visit to us into lessons and extracurricular educational work. We also provide information and working materials. Please feel free to contact us!

Children look at impact simulator © SPB / Photo: F.-M. Arndt


Stefan Gotthold © Bernd Jaworek
Stefan Gotthold
Head of Education | Head of Archenhold-Sternwarte
Prenzlauer Allee 80 | 10405 Berlin

Children's birthday parties under the starry sky

A birthday surrounded by stars, planets and galaxies? In our planetariums and observatories, many galactic surprises await the birthday child: in the planetarium, you can fly through the universe and test your knowledge in a planetary rally. We also provide a decorated room where you can eat, drink, craft, experiment and play.

Our offers are suitable for children aged 5 to 15 years. The maximum group size is 15 children and 2 adults.


Boy and planet saturn

Star Charts

Which constellations and planets can you currently see in the skies above Berlin? Which fascinating celestial events are happening this month? The star chart of the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin answers all these questions while providing illustrative accompanying material for stargazers.

The star chart, available as a double-sided print-out, summarises the most important astronomical events of the month.

Please note: Our star charts are currently only available in German.

Star Chart

Star charts for download